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The specifications of Educational Robotics "require" a comfortable space, which supports the development of collaborative activities and relationships but also the face-to-face communication between our "engineers".

The facilities are designed with strict standards of ergonomics, hygiene and safety. In a total of 185 square meters of workshops, with a height of rooms of 5 m and an additional 90 m2 of ancillary spaces, children can be active as much as they want in the naturally ventilated, lit and air-conditioned space, without getting tired.

On large workbenches, teams work comfortably and in parallel in the same space. Only in this way is there competition and high interest and rivalry is maintained in a climate of motivation, enthusiasm and creation!

Significant care has been given to the design of the rest of the space, which supports the stay of third parties (parents, younger children, children waiting for a laboratory) in an ergonomic and comfortable environment.

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