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Learning Principles

Our laboratories are based on modern learning theories that adopt principles such as:

  • the active participation of students in activities that make sense to them,
  • new knowledge through the discovery, creation, formulation and testing of hypotheses, as well as experimentation,
  • student collaboration and role sharing within the group,
  • the cultivation of creativity, self-regulation and self-confidence.

All children are actively involved in each of STEM's scientific fields and become little engineers discovering Science fun.

Our teams create with constant experimentation and active guidance from our presenters, who are highly scientific experts in the field of Educational Robotics and the principles of STEM (university graduates and / or Polytechnic graduates with postgraduate degrees in Greece or / and abroad).

Our children are invited in each Lab to complete a Project based learning (Project based learning) and through the collective and intra-group planning, the collective conduct of the project, the evaluation process, the reflection and finally the presentation of the final project become small Engineers (Mechanical - Electrical) and Programmers.

Our "little engineers" have the opportunity through modern methodology and high level structured laboratories, even without previous experience in Robotics or Computer Programming

  • understand how Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Computer Science combine
  • to work together in a context of joint effort, problem solving, but also fun!
  • to combine real-world problem solving with scientific curiosity (innate in children, we emphasize this again!)
  • to further develop their skills (cognitive, social, personal, career and life).
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