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What is CityLab?

CityLab is a center for the development of childrens' creative intelligence, which adopts modern methods, infrastructure and applied technologies, developed in such a way that children develop their cognitive and social skills. Since 2014 we design and offer Engineering and Robotics workshops adapted to suit all ages.

Through experiential interdisciplinary educational scenarios and projects, children cultivate didactic, cognitive and applied practices in sciences and in specific Scientific Fields.

At the same time they develop social skills and mutual respect and acquire cognitive, emotional and psychomotor supplies, for their future career but also for their life!

Basic principle

Our basic principle is expressed without words: STEM 360 ° while our reference point and our guideline are summarized in the phrase Real World Robotics.

At CityLab, our children enter a place of knowledge and creation, a world that pushes them to imagine and inspires them to create.

They make constructions and Robots without becoming Robots themselves, because they understand in depth their creations, to the point that they can fully analyze them to third parties and improve them themselves!

Our guideline is to encourage high quality teamwork (collaborative learning) and emphasize the value of others with respect for the individual and the team. Our "students" are members of their team, in absolute proportion to participation, competition and competition in sports activities, only here they practice their mind and thinking ("a sport for the mind")!

Our permanent goal remains the continuous improvement of our children in all areas, properly observing the scientific and pedagogical practices of STEM.

Our main goal at CityLab is to correct all the problems ("parrot" → misunderstanding and rejection of science - see Why Robotics?) And so that our children can fully and happily satisfy their natural predisposition for discovery, from theory in practice, of science.

Our general goal is for students to create real robotic constructions themselves and to become familiar with basic concepts of algorithms and programming in the context of collaborative activities.

Finally, our Specific Objectives are categorized and focus on the following areas: In Cognitive, which includes objectives related to the knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of a robotic structure, in Emotional, where objectives are met concerning the action of children in small groups and taking on roles such as the Constructor, the Engineer, the Programmer, the Coordinator, etc. and in Psychokinetics, which include goals related to the skills and abilities of children.

In each of our workshops all our children come in contact with all our goals.

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