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Project: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (Arduino, C ++, Tic-tac-toe)

We build a tic-tac-toe in arduino and C ++. We are playing against the CPU, which uses an artificial intelligence algorithm. The CPU will never lose, while at the same time showing us (changing the color of the track as it successively thinks about what it will play), whether it is going to win or not, even if it happens after many moves. The AI ​​algorithm is implemented in 40 lines of code (!!!) with dynamic decision trees, without ready-made scenarios or movements of standard games / strategies.

The project is taught from the beginning, to children from sixth grade and above, who after understanding 100% all the techniques (creation and connection of an arduino circuit, led matrix programming, game theory, artificial intelligence algorithm and its implementation in C ++) proceed themselved to implementation. It is emphasized that no prior knowledge is required in the above fields !!!

See more on our FB page here https://www.facebook.com/CityLabGR/videos/743565659361114/

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