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The benefits of Educational Robotics are multiple and indicatively we mention the following (General, Immediate, Long-term):

General benefits

Learning "discipline" and organization on many levels: from research interest to implementation.
Ideal coverage of science and technology (STEM) by combining learning with "play".
Extension to valuable skills, such as communication, research, strategic and analytical thinking, time management (project management), project and resource allocation.
Motivation and inspiration of the team from the success of others.
Competition of each child with himself and his previous creations, while improving his contribution to the team and his own performance.
Encourage teamwork and develop communication skills.
The interdisciplinary approach (combination of different cognitive objects in a project) helps to 100% consolidate the concepts.
Eventually, knowledge becomes the property of children and in fact is more effective, since they are actively involved in the design and operation of structures that make sense to them.

Immediate benefits

Development of an intuition regarding engineering and technology, since children act as inventors and discover, through their own approach, the solutions to known problems and projects.
Development of interests in applied technologies of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering.
Strengthening research, problem solving, presentation skills, creativity and description skills (written and oral).

Long-term benefits

Thoughtful, self-motivated and inventive people are formed.
Achieving goals becomes a habit.
Children acquire the ability to handle and solve problems, focusing methodically on logical, analytical and critical thinking.
Solves problems with a structure and method that does not differ from the "real" method applied in today's industry (analysis, design, implementation, testing and experimentation, evaluation).

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